Painting With My Muse ...

You simply can't be your optimal best creatively unless you consult with your Muse. I always bring an offering of dark chocolate ...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Art is a Gift you Deserve to Give Yourself

I love this painting because it reminds me how creativity was natural as playing when I was a child.  Somewhere along the way when comparison and judgment stepped in, I told myself I was no good and put away my artistic dreams.  

This painting was my affirmation that I am loved, I am heard, I am seen, I am safe, and I am Artist!  

I have used art for therapy and inspiration, and to work things through, and as a way to do satire and humor as well.  

Art to feed my soul and comfort my heart:

Art to remind me about the magical and whimsical moments of life:

I can't imagine my life without art anymore.  You can see that one image is worth 10,000 words because it is holds so much feeling, and is open to interpretation which can be different for each person who views it.  Every painting tells a story and I like to combine writing or poems with the painting which brings new dimensions in and connects the left and right side of the brain which results in greater creativity.

It also allows you to access parts of yourself you wouldn't meet otherwise.  It is going within and bringing image back out with you.  Images that are unique to you that allow your soul to communicate with you.

Just play with some doodling even with pencil and paper until you can get some crayons or colored pencils, or colored Sharpies, watercolors, brushes, whatever.  Just start somewhere and leave the judgment outside and give it something to do, like pull weeds while you play.

I'm going to check back with you ... I'm off to do some chores so I can get back to my easel and work on my creative life ... it offsets all the other things you have to do in life ... it's a reward!!  Have fun and play like you remember how.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

You may have noticed my long absence from my blog and I apologize because I had told myself I would write at least once a week and between painting, finishing up classes, starting new classes, creating a website, and endless details ... I let my blog slide.

The excitement this week is that my art teacher Shiloh Sophia McCloud is in New York this week and addressed the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women on March 4, 2013.  She presented a slideshow that featured 42 artists from Color of Woman Method and we each had three of our paintings included.  It was so exciting to see our art go out into the world to help show the healing power of art.

You can just make out an image from the slideshow on the wall behind her.  We are all so inspired by this amazing woman who has touched our lives so deeply.  I started painting about two years ago and had no art background at all.

Art has really changed my life on so many levels.  I miss my dining room because it has become my studio and is so full of my art supplies, canvases, paints, brushes, watercolor paper, and I have run out of room on my walls for my art so many are sitting on the floor stacked against each other.  I need to get my art out into the world because I have a small house and it is full of women on canvas.  My husband loves being surrounded with all the women though so that's really good news.

Anyway I am feeling so super charged and excited about the potential for this work, Color of Woman Method, to reach out to women and girls and allow them to discover the healing potential of creating art.   My head is swimming with ideas and I'm trying to decide if I want to start teaching classes or if I want to create video online classes or just paint and write.  It has been a bit overwhelming trying to learn all the technical aspects but I have learned a lot in the process.  So I will keep you posted and in the process keep myself posted ... writing helps you find out what's going on with you in your life.

 This is Sophie Rose and I just love her.  So here's to healing the world with image and love.

 So much more to come ... so much to share and play with.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have been busy with my classes and painting and life in general.  Sometimes the summer heat makes me lazy and want to play instead of work ... and we all need playtime to recharge our creativity batteries.   This is a poem I just wrote:

The fear of fear
Many years ago 
I was so afraid
of fear
I would hide
from life
from myself
from my 
fear of fear
deep in denial
not the Nile
but more
like a dark
that swallowed 
the light rays
that tried to 
bring en”light”enment
to me 
and lift me up
I did a fire walk
and crossed
the abyss
of hot coals
and just knew
if I could 
just do this
one thing
I would 
never be 
afraid again
but I was wrong
so very mistaken
and so did not
understand fear
and it’s purpose
Fear visits me
fairly regularly
we are old friends
by now
and now I know
it will always
be part of me
and now 
I receive the gifts
that it brings to me
it shows me 
to parts of myself
I might never have known
had I allowed 
myself to 
be afraid of fear
and kept
the door shut tightly
against en”light”enment
Fear will bring you
to places where
you need to gather
your courage
unfurl your wings
and know and trust 
there is a message
being brought 
to you
it is a gift
and you must
go through your fear
to get past it
and it will not
leave you
where it found you
the fear of fear
is highly overrated
and fear is 
totally undervalued
and unappreciated
as the catalyst
and transformer it is
embrace fear
and know there is
a blessing that will follow

Unnamed painting

She feels powerful to me, muse-like, and beautiful.  Sometimes the names appear magically and sometimes they seem to allude me.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is my No Going Back painting that came through to remind me that I am moving forward in my life and not going back ... no whimping out or back sliding.  I have crossed the threshold and now I will only move forward.

I am stepping up and out and want to create art that speaks to women from my heart to their hearts and that their hearts are open to receive transformation and healing.  Art is awesome!

I am in the beginning stages of creation with my blog and website and have lots to dreams to bring into being.  Thanks for being her and come back again ...   xoxo  Mary

I follow the moon light down the barely discernible path 
the trees now barren of leaves reaching upwards
moonlight filters through the branches
forming an almost magical archway illuminated
showing me this is the sacred path I walk on now
with each step my heart beats faster 
I see a house and flickering lights burning brightly
I approach the door and pause breathing deeply 
trying to contain my excitement and my anticipation borders on fear
I stand up straight and knock with a knock that sounds braver than I feel
Knock and it shall be Opened” is etched upon the door frame made visible 
from the moonlight, firelight, and the candles flickering by the windows
I see myself open the door and greet me ... 
how can I be meeting myself and inviting myself in? this is not possible
this makes no sense and I am confused until it dawns on me
I am the only one who can bring myself across the threshold
I am meeting myself in the fullness of my being
I am embracing myself and becoming whole
I am home ... and at home ... with myself 
This was the journey

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I was noticing the past few days, more than usual, that I am don't take time to do enough of the small things that bring me great joy.  Like right now while sitting at my laptop I notice I haven't listened to any music all day so I went to iTunes and put on some nice background classical music ... it doesn't distract me and feeds my soul.  So simple yet I get caught up in doing ... instead of remembering I am a being not a doing.  
I just moved the vase filled with gorgeous home grown roses friends brought me this weekend to the table where I am so I can enjoy them.  They aren't really fragrant but they sure are beautiful so they can feed me with visual beauty.  Something so easy to do yet if I hadn't been made conscious of it I probably wouldn't have noticed them and they wouldn't have been part of my day.  What a waste that would have been of beauty right in front of me going unappreciated!
Even lighting fragrant candles to add ambience make things more special, holy, romantic, making it an occasion  and honoring the day and the moment.
Being grateful and writing down lists of things I'm grateful for show me how extraordinary my life really is.  I tend to get hung up in the details and the to do lists ... I'm opening a new box of crayons and while they are pristine and still sharp I will write myself a list of things to do that feed my soul ... I will ask my inner child what she has been wanting to do for ever so long and honor her wishes.  
Think that is a big part of it, honoring ourself and staying present to what we need and what we want.  Women are usually taking care of everyone else first and then if there is any time left over ... we might use it for ourself.  We over extend ourselves with commitments and then get stressed trying to do what sometimes feels impossible.  We get worn out because we don't feed ourselves with what makes us joyful.
I am going to make it a priority to have more fun, take time for a walk, more time to paint, time to do some soul searching and get to know myself better.  Have a tea party for two ... me and my muse.  She is so wise and so much fun it is a win win investment of time.  
I'm going to promise myself I will protect my joy, nurture and grow it and not let other things steal my joy or make me feel like I don't have time for joy.  I don't have time not to feel my joy.  Life is short and we need to invest our time in the important things of life like the people we love, enjoying the activities that feed us, jumping into new adventures, and expressing our creativity.  I am going to create beauty in more moments of my life and try to stay conscious and present on a regular basis.  I want to be present for my life and to celebrate it and everything that brings me joy!!!!   You life can hold a lot of joy ... and then you can let it flow out into the world and let it be contagious like giggles ... at a very inappropriate time or place.  You know you can’t stifle them!